Apr 2011 22


According to a tweet from producer Polow Da Don M.I.A. is in the studio with him and Chris Brown, the Cataracs, and Swizz Beatz.

“In the lab with the great @ChrisBrown THE LAB WIT THE GREAT @chrisbrown and the incredible @_M_I_A_ Thank you, Dear Lord!” Polow wrote. “I’ve waited on this moment my whole career!!!! It’s happening. Magic is upon us. Let’s go!!!!”

CB also confirmed the news on his website:

“Was in the studio with the incredible M.I.A and Polow!! Amazing artist! Real talent.”

I don’t know about you but I didn’t see that one coming! And Team breezy grows…

One-half of California duo the Cataracs, Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar, says he has recently spent some time with the singer/rapper and says M.I.A. is “working on a mixtape, and she wants it to be like an album.” So who knows what she’s cooking up, but her third album /\/\ /\ Y /\ wasn’t nearly as successful as as her previous releases so maybe she’s under some pressure to really wow us.

The release date and title of M.I.A.’s new project has not been announced yet. Does this sound like a project you want to hear so far?