Feb 2011 07

Tokyo Dawn Records is without question one of my favourite music labels around. Their roster is full of interesting artists making some really creative and exciting music. Last night they sent me Amalia’s (their “first lady”) new album Art Slave, along side the promo video up top.

I’ve been listening to her 80’s / 90’s inspired sound since then and I must say, I like what I’m hearing. If you’re into your synth-throwbacks, this album is definitely one for your ears. Amalia shamelessly evokes Prince-like influences throughout, some Janet Jackson (by way of Control) in there too – please direct your ears to track number 5 (‘Luxurious’) below.

Amalia cities Chaka Khan, Sheila E, Eartha Kitt & Betty Davis as some of her biggest influences, that should give you an idea of what she’s bringing. It’s pretty cool stuff, and unlike many others who attempt this ‘sound’, it sounds authentic – a credit to Swedish funk producer Opolopo.

Peep the promo video up top and have a listen to this…

Art Slave is available now via Tokyo Dawn Records, buy it here.