Oct 2010 18

The video you have all been waiting for directed by Ray Kay… A hairography inspired paint-fest. No Paedo. Thoughts please…..

Speeakz says: My. Yoot. (!!!!!!!!)

  1. Vula says:

    I love it!! Willow is cute wanz to be fair…

  2. Speeakz says:

    this girl just gave me a reason to believe in R&B/Pop again. And…She's 9. Rihanna, Ciara etc watch and learn.

    Will & Jada – I bow down to you.

    My. Yoot.

  3. Candie says:

    This is innate to the kid. none of the pre packaged 'make u a star' crap.

    I personally, am investing in a wig to get my whip on.

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