Sep 2010 03

A few weeks ago Speeakz and I had a discussion on the current status of Prog-Soul/Future Soul/Soultronica (designations for days, but you know the sound I’m referring to), weather it was still as promising and potent as it had been in 2007/2008 when we used to bug out to mind-boggling amalgams from forward thinking producers/artists retaining the ardor of Soul music and adding to it a cosmic catalyst of electronic sonics. I think the anxiety (mine atleast) was that recently the Soul was becoming less apparent as the experimental electronica began over-taking… an audible imbalance.

Keeping in mind our youth was entrenched between the Neo-Soul movement, the innovation of Futurist Rn’B (Timbaland/Neptunes era) and the avant-garde-hop of Dilla/Madlib, it’s not hard to see why we impulsively gravitate towards this sound and feel almost quite protective over it.

This afternoon Tokyo Dawn Records just shot me over their jaw-dropping new compilation, one of the best I’ve heard all year. It features 18 love drenched Future Soul/Alternative-Rn’B/Soul-Hop numbers from diverse range of well known underground artists out to prove the sound IS alive and well. Hallelujah.

I’m a little caught up in the cracking drums, swirling chords, buttery basslines and beautiful voices right now so excuse me whilst I leave you with a free downloadable track of our choice (gracious nod to TDR) and go vibe out to my pod on some public transport somewhere. Cop the rest of the comp September 17th, more info and tracklist here.

This number’s an absolute beauty.

Download: Flako feat. Dirg Gerner – I Want You

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