Sep 2010 15

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It’s a slow morning, so I’m on a reconnaissance mission through my music folders right now thinkin’ what’s been missed this year and needs highlighting.

I remember in early 2009 falling upon this joint titled ‘Sarah’ by some warped chap going under the name Ace. ‘Sarah’ stuck out in my mind as in seconds this madness in my headphones went from semi-romance rap into a rape rap topped off with corpse molestation. Surreal and a wee bit worrying but Ace for all his audacity was utterly compelling in an almost MF Doom’esque kind of way. Later found out Ace was in fact this kid Tyler The Creator and he’s making a career out of this sh*t.

Homeboy paints twisted pictures with a menacing contempt of pretty much anything and everything, but it’s done so skillfully you forget he’s a pissed off teenager. In fact, he has the voice of a thirty-five-year-old old ex-convict. The beats are self-produced lo-fi bumpers with muddy drums and drugged up synths and his videos: DIY horrocore showing youth drunk off total nihilism. It’s a welcomed anarchy with our children’s spirits currently suppressed by soft, anti-creative, Bieber-fever cornflakes. Maybe Tyler’s movement (yeah, there’s a whole bunch of them aptly named Odd Future) will re-invigorate the long absent rebellion of Wu-Tang era ‘lay your nuts on the dresser, bang them sh*ts with a spiked bat’ and Slim Shady just-don’t-give-a-f**k’ness.

His recent mixtape is simply entitled ‘Bastard’. Need I say more?

Peep it before the cult becomes a revolution and all the teeny-boppers go postal. Either that or he’ll become a hipster music publication darling (not naming any names). I’d prefer the former to the latter. Revolt my yutes, revolt.

Click the cover above to download and see after the jump for two more retarded videos (one including blow-up doll abuse).


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  2. palweezy says:

    Just discovered these lot via Earl Sweatshirt 's mixtape. The whole thing is a twisted menacing mind blowing creation… some of the dopest shit I've heard in a while. Def feel the lost WU Vibes resurging in these yutes too. Revolution is coming…maybe.

  3. SHE SAID... says:

    I think I love this too much.

  4. Fantasticunt says:

    press ma buttons baby, press ma fuckin’ buttons baby.

  5. mas says:

    it's already gone the latter…

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  8. Ash says:

    i cant belive i didnt take you up on this way back!!!!! i saw it but missed out man… i'm officially late on this

  9. Ash says:

    been banging out the OF mixtapes for the last couple of weeks… wont be listening around my mum because its definitely dark as f*** but i see what you mean about it being compelling, he goes hard!!!

  10. tyler the creator is the freaking devil no one can beat him1

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