Sep 2010 23

Finally. After last years Kendrick Lamar EP mixtape, I always thought if there hadn’t been a Drake ‘So Far Gone’ earlier the same year more light would have shone on cats like Kendrick.

Flow, delivery, content, theme, sincerity, passion, intensity, LA’s Kendrick is a superior emcee, unique to the many thousands that clog the blogs. His production is so dope. Below is the video for the dark & delicious ‘P&P 1.5’, I’m pretty certain I can detect traces of Andre 3000’s ‘Vibrate’, possibly sampled.

Even from opener ‘The Heart’ on this brand new set ‘Overly Dedicated’ (also available via iTunes where you can head once you’re convinced the man deserves your patron support), you can just tell dude is of a different breed. Some beautiful beats on here too, you can tell he’s a refreshingly broad-minded rapper who knows his musical influences. I’m only a few tracks in, jump on this disc with me folks. I promise you this one is special.

Hit the jump for tracklist & download it up top.

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