Jun 2010 10

Nope, I’m still not bored of seeing Miss Monae perform this song live. Don’t think I ever will be. I haven’t stopped listening to her album – classic material. It’s the type of album I will go back to for years to come, I’m sure of it.

Update: Just changed the video player, the last one wasn’t in sync.

  1. Kennedy says:


  2. Random J says:

    I just hope stores actually have this album when it drops in the UK. I had to cop this album on the naughty to tide me over 😛 "Faster", "Locked inside", "Sir Greendown", "57821" – CLASSICS!

    I love this woman. I hope she comes back over to the UK and hits up Jonathan Ross and the likes soon. I think she could do well over here if she prepped another single to hit us with.

  3. amr says:

    I concur! I won't evvvvvvver get tired of anything she does!