Jan 2010 20

P.O.S dropped one of the best albums of ’09. Never Better, a perfect and unconventional blend of Hip Hop and Punk Rock was forward thinking and insanely impressive. I already know for many, the thought of anything heavily influenced by Punk Rock is a scary thought, but trust me – if you love Hip Hop, you’ll love this artist and this album. What he produces is unequivocally dope on both spectrums.

P.O.S sat down for an exclusive interview with us while he was in London Town for a gig last year; We discussed the complexities of growing up in two very different towns with the black and white racial equilibrium, the difficulties of identifying himself with a particular sub-culture, how his album Never Better is, at its core, a Hip Hop album, his thoughts on why mainstream Black America hasn’t overwhelmingly embraced indie rap, and much more.

For those who are already fans of P.O.S, I hope you guys love this interview as much as I/we do. For those of you who are new to what P.O.S is all about – I’m proud to present this to you. This is real music. Real Hip Hop

Peace, Love & P.O.S


Once again, much love to Shan ‘Fantastic*nt’ Phearon for producing yet another great interview!

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  2. lorenzo says:

    dope interview pb crew. makes me want to listen to his music and that what its all abouuuut!