Nov 2009 03

PinBoard kicked back with Grammy nominated R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan one morning a few weeks ago and we happened to catch her at her most hyper-active & carefree. What followed was a madcap little conversation on: drink, drugs, being afraid of the dark, love, the super-producer she wants to work with next, her mother & her obsession with the classic musical, The Wiz. The interview also features exclusive live footage from her Jazz Cafe gig in London on September 8th!

Sit back, relax and see Jazmine Sullivan like you’ve never seen her before!

Peace, Love & Jazmine Sullivan


Mucho thanks to Fantastic*nt for shooting the interview!

  1. andy fergus says:

    aaaaah she comes across so funny! she seems really lovely and down to earth! Thanks for another great interview!

  2. KATY says:

    er, she seems very…strange to me!

  3. sexieblacc says:

    She seems so cool and down to earth! I love it! I'm glad she's not stuck up or fake like some other celebs!!!!

  4. Tidiane says:

    A talented, well spirited strong woman with a GSOH and a warm laugh that irradiates right through one's soul, here's a lady after my heart.

  5. shirley says:

    theInterview wasgreatlovedthefootagesheisatalentedgranddaugher.

  6. IMDAFUTURE says:

    Bruv do you have any full length footage of her live set?