Oct 2009 06

“Is that gonna be like, all in my crotch?”

PinBoard sat down with Mr Solo Dolo while he was in town. In this (rather cool) interview, Cudi speaks on his love/hate relationship with blogs, the pressures of early fame, being misinterpreted, upsetting his fans, his relationship (or lack thereof)  with his ‘friends’ and mother and much more…

A very safe dude, who came through with some real insightful answers. This is only a portion of what we discussed. Who knows, maybe we’ll release some more soon. Cudi’s debut album Man On The Moon: The End of Day is out now.

Peace, Love & KiD CuDi


Shouts to the PinBoard crew for delivering yet another dope interview!

  1. Feleeshar says:

    Ah, dope.

    Really enjoyable interview, straight to the point, insigtful, well shot!

    Would have liked to hear more about why he barely talks to his mother, rappers are normally Mama's boys to no end.

    Big up Shanus Maximus & co x

  2. Pbleepd says:

    Great interview, Cudi seems like a down to earth brother. Would love to see more.

  3. Zimbo says:

    Glad he's alot more humble than i thought! Big up pinnnnnnnnaboard family

  4. Tash says:

    You could have kept the camera at his crotch I would have no complaints lol

    good interview

  5. Brother Man, Brother says:

    I wana see more of his crotch!!!

    Dopealicious interview.