Jul 2009 20


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The abuse of the English language aside, I like these girls…Well, let me rephrase that – I really, really, really love their track “So Fresh” featuring KanYe. Man, I rinsed that tune to the max – still do actually. Anyways, their mixtape hit the TinterNet’s this week, and is executive produced by T-Pain. I posting it up on the hopes that their debut single is a good indicator of what their music is going to be like. I haven’t listened to it myself, but am about to press play right now. This could go either way, it could be tight, or a complete mess. SO, if you’re into some edgy R&B girl-group ish, download and have a gander. If not, aiight – fair dues.

Update: Still listening, but I DO like these girls. Yup. 8 tracks in and I’m enjoying – a lot.

Peace, Love & Sophia Fresh



  1. HOT mixtape! Glad you are liking it!

  2. mob6200 says:

    this shit is dope as fuck gemmie more. give a nigga a inch he want a mile

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