Aug 2008 25

Being the (rather dope) music blog that we are, PinBoard is sent a lot of music on a regular. We love this fact. We encourage this. We want artists from around the world and across genres to send in their music, because that’s what PinBoard is all about! Of course we can’t feature everyone and one of the main downsides to this fact is that we are often sent stuff that isn’t that great. However, once we filter out the whack from the dope, we usually find some real talented artists who have some dope music to offer.

Enter F.A.M.E

Once I downloaded F.A.M.E’s “HardWork” album, I couldn’t stop listening/talking about it! F.A.M.E has delivered a well rounded, superbly produced piece of work that could easily make any Major label blush. It’s no secret that the underground / indie scene is where it’s at right now and this dude just reiterates that fact. “HardWork” displays F.A.M.E’s talents, skills and ability to express his ideas, thoughts and opinions – you  get no bullsh*t from this dude, instead you are treated to something solid, conscious, meaningful and intelligent. While it’s clear “HardWork” is straight up Hip Hop, it is undeniably soulful too.

Along with being an MC, F.A.M.E is also a graphic designer [explains the dope album cover!] and when you download his LP you’ll find each song comes with a corresponding piece of artwork – just another example of his vision and capabilty to express his thoughts through art.

I haven’t found myself skipping any tracks, so it’s pretty hard to list some of my favourite highlights, but you should definitely look out for “Shades@Night”, “This Is How I Do”, “Icarus”, “No Good Sally” and “Good Robot” (Probably my favourite track. F.A.M.E goes all out D’n’B on this – an impressive move for a U.S Hip Hop artist!).

“HardWork” is a truly impressive body of work, where F.A.M.E’s aptitude as an artist is displayed in all it’s glory. He deliveries in every sense. It’s hard for any new artist to stand out from an increasingly (and annoyingly) over saturated market, but with an album like this, F.A.M.E does so with ease. I truly wish this dude all the luck in the world!

Make sure you download “HardWork” now and remember where you heard about F.A.M.E first, because he’s definitely one to watch!

F.A.M.E – “Hard Work”

Peace, Love & F.A.M.E


  1. Matthew Flanagan says:

    First off great blog Speeakz! Second of all I expect nothing less of F.A.M.E.! He is HipHop! Original, well rounded, artistic and not affraid to take that chance! I'll follow this artist to the end cause in the future there are no wack rappers.
    Also check F.A.M.E. out at Theres some good live footage and make sure you cop "In Sterio" your collections not complete without it!

    Keep up the good work F.A.M.E.
    Peace World

  2. Definately the leader of the Next Hiphop movement!