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Respected song writer, award winner and multi-platinum album selling soul singer Robin Thicke was in London Town yesterday for a day of press, promotion and play.

As I waited for Mr Thicke, I had the chance to quickly sample his new album “Something Else” via an old school CD player and while I never got to listen to each track fully, I could tell that this album wasn’t just “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” part 2. There was more to this record, more funk, more fun and more fire (OK. That’s all the alliteration ya’ll gon’ get!). But seriously, the album was sounding fresh and so naturally this got me even more pumped about meeting the man.

After about 10 minutes, the surprisingly tall Robin Thicke strolled in, super cool, shook my hand and took me around to the hotel bar seating area. After our introductions and I instantly disregarded every preconception I may have had of a successful recording artist, because it was clear that this man was a down to earth dude, who was not only responsive but also polite and interested.

I began by asking him about his new single “Magic” and what the song was about. “The song is about real people. It’s about everybody. I saw so many people on the road, or just around that had given up or felt like nothing was going to happen for them and I wanted to write a song saying “you got that magic, I got it too!”…We’re all Human and like everybody else, I’ve had my up’s and down’s too!”.

After the jump Robin talks about his highs, his lows and his hot new album 

One particular low point for Robin was with the release of his debut album “A Beautiful World”, which didn’t sell as much as he or his label had expected, but instead received wide spread critical acclaim. I wanted to know more about that period of his life and how he dealt with it. “It really pushed me to make even better music. When you’re an artist you want people to want your music, so I made sure, from that point I would make music people wanted…” – Enter “Lost Without U” and the album it came from.

I was eager to find out more about his new album “Something Else” and what his influences were while recording it. “It’s about change. It’s about ‘something else’. It was inspired by the world we’re living in right now. Barack Obama in the states and his call for change, the wars, the economy, everything that effects us and our need for change. Change for the better that is! That’s what really inspired this record”. 

He also explained that during the recording process, he doesn’t listen to anyone elses music but did mention that he was inspired to use a lot of horns on this album by Amy Winehouse and her “Back To Black” album [which he admitted, he hadn’t heard fully yet!]. “I really loved what she and Mark [Ronson] did with the whole brass section thing they had going on and so I was totally inspired by that and included it on my album…The thing about Amy is, love her or hate her, her music is honest and that’s what I try and create. Honest music. It’s how people connect, right? I think that’s why Lil’ Wayne is having so much success right now, because he’s literally pouring out his heart to you on his record”

As you can imagine this dude is ‘like’ super busy and is in high demand when ever he touches base in any country. So, naturally we didn’t get a lot of time with him (about 15 minutes or so) and I really wanted to get as many fan questions in as possible *sorry I couldn’t ask all of them, I went with what came up most frequent!* and so here they are:

What’s the story/theme for the “Magic” Video?

“It’s set in outta-space!” < you could tell he was well excited about it! “It’s about that feeling when you and your people are getting ready to go out for the night. The ladies are getting their hair and makeup right and the guys are making sure they look fly and that great feeling you have at that moment…[in the video] I got a suit on and a cane and I get my Fred Astaire moves on. It’s a cool video man, I’m really excited about it!”

Did you ever shoot a video for “Got 2 Be Down” Featuring Faith Evans

“No, we never got to do a video for that song. At that point it was a case of “too many chefs in the kitchen”. No one could decide on a single and by that point I was ready to record a new album. I toured with“The Evolution…” for like 2 years straight”.

Will you be touring the UK soon

“Yes! Of course! The last time I came over I did two nights at KoKo and I was blown away. I thought I was gonna be doing the Jazz Cafe, as I did before to 250 people. I then arrive at KoKo and I was totally shocked. We sold out two nights, I was so happy and so excited and so thankful, so yes, I will be coming to the UK soon for sure…I will be doing a promotional tour of the states first and then when the record is released I will be heading straight back over here to tour again – hopefully at KoKo!”

…And that pretty much wrapped up the interview!

I could go on forever telling you how nice this guy was, but I wont. Instead I will just say that interviewing him was probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, only because of his natural ability to make you feel at ease and speak so fluidly about his music and his career. While speaking to him, his passion and his drive was clear and that all shows on his new album “Something Else”.

…Oh, speaking of the new album, after the interview I was invited to his album listening party, which was a rather jazzy affair. I will be posting my thoughts on the album either later today or tomorrow and will also be setting up a COMPETITION for a SIGNED POSTER from the man himself. But for now, I’ll leave you with the album track listing…

“Something Else”

  1. You’re My Baby
  2. Side Step
  3. Magic
  4. Ms. Harmony
  5. Dreamworld
  6. Loverman
  7. Hard On My Love
  8. Sweetest Love
  9. Something Else
  10. Shadow Of Doubt
  11. Cry Now More

*Note: No guest apperances*

Peace, Love & Robin Thicke


“Something Else” Released September 15th & “Magic” Released September 22nd!

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