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Yessir! We have yet another EXCLUSIVE interview for you!


Outasight is one of those artists that can’t be categorised or put in any box. He crosses genres and mixes styles effortlessly. He’s truly unique & he’s super talented! We think you’re gonna like what he’s doing! So, take a minute and get to know the man behind the music…


Download this and listen while you read: Outasight – “Another Late Night”




Outasight, reppin New York, New York, originally Yonkers NY (914!!!!)


Where did the name Outasight come from?


Outasight is a name attached to me a long time ago for my mysterious nature at times…hahah


How would you describe your sound?


Energetic hip hop mixed with melodic soul. Positive, smooth, head knockin


I ask that, because it’s pretty hard to compare it to anything else, which I think is pretty fly. How did you develop the Outasight sound?


By being me. My sound is an incorporation of all the influences of music and art that are around me. I then take these influences and just do what I do.


I think your new album “Radio New York” is overly dope! What’s the concept behind it and what were you aiming for when creating it?


The concept was a big middle finger to this one large publishing company who said my music was too left field for the radio. So, I decided to be the radio. I just wanted to make the music I create and put an interesting twist on it. My aim was really to just continue my personal growth as an artist.


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The album begins with the host saying “he’s radio ready, I just hope the radios ready” < Have you had problems with radio playing your music? If so, does that bother you/how have you gone around it?


Yea well, you know the radio is a well oiled corporate machine that does not allow new comers in very easily. Thankfully now there are more mediums whether the Internet or satellite that give breaking artists an opportunity to be heard. Cause commercial radio is very stagnant! 


“Employee of the Year” was your first EP; can you tell me a little bit about that project too?


That EP was put together after my first summer of recording like a monster. I had over 40 tracks and I took 7, slapped em on a cd, and said “here you go…” Some real rawness on that cd, but there wasn’t a central goal like Radio New York. Still, it showcases me and my earlier work…….  


You sing and rap, which do you prefer doing and which comes most naturally?


Ummm, it really just depends on the vibe of the track….I cant call it, its my mind and soul that controls that….I just hear the music and go in!


When did you realise that music was what you wanted to do?


A long time ago, as a very young child…It just took me a long time to figure out how to do it…


Who did you listen to growing up?


Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest. Real eclectic taste from Jimi Hendrix to punk rock to Biggie, I am obsessed with music so, really, I got into a lot of different styles, and I think it shows in my music…


Who are you listening to today?


Really diggin this cat named Substantial, dope emcee…W.A.L.E. is dope, Blu’s “Below the Heavens”, J’ Davey’s New Double EP is crazy…Still I listen to a lot of classic’s…Marvin, Voodoo, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt…..


What would you say your favourite album is?


“Voodoo” by D’Angelo. Seriously I listened to that album a million times and still have never been tired of it.


The music industry is always buggin about illegal/free downloading and how it’s killing the music [business]. But it’s a growing trend with independent artists like you to release music for free. What’s your view on this and how are you working the new business model?


Today’s market is over saturated because of all the ways an artist can get out his music to the people. Therefore, the artist now must giveaway music just for people to even give it a chance ……..What Im doin personally is selling hard copies and merchandise, so yea, we can reach a large audience through downloads, but we also can develop a real solid fan base that supports what we do, and we know will be there…..It takes time,but the free download has allowed alot of people to hear my music!


If you weren’t Outasight [the artist], what would you be doing?


I would be Richard Andrew, the writer!


If you had to give someone ONE of your songs, that you’ve written and recorded to sum you up, what would song be and why?


“Good Evening”…My life is a paradox between artistry and material yearnings….I dream big, yet cant sleep….I am still learning to live, yet live to learn…..That song came straight from the gut, and it explains alot about me, indirectly….


Congratulations on being a featured artist on Myspace! What would you say has been your career highlight thus far?


Certainly being a Myspace artist has been the most exposure I have had in my career, considering it is an all week thing..Thank you to all those who have been hittin me up!!! I’m just blessed to have these opportunities for people to hear what I’m doin!


What are your aspirations for the future?


My aspirations include putting out a full length album in stores across the globe, touring my ass off, and being on TV screens across the land……hahah like I said, the gentle balance beam of artistry versus my material ambitions….


You’ve been to London before; how did you find it and do you plan on returning any time soon? 


I rocked a venue called Cargo out in London (Shoreditch)…And I had a great time, love the city and it’s real passion for music. Hopefully I’ll be back real soon…


And Finally…


Do you have anything you’d like to say to your UK fans at PinBoardBlog.com?


Thanks to all those who support, listen, and spread the word! Truly, I appreciate all the love!!!!!


Go show your love to Outasight over on his Myspace page and download his new album “Radio New York” over there too. It’s a MUST have, I promise you! Keep your eyes & ears on this man and remember where you heard about him first!


Peace, Love & Outasight



  1. funky j says:

    keep it going outasight

  2. Melissa says:

    I definitely think he will go far with his talent. The guy’s got mad skills, as well as the guys he’s been working with. Everyone needs to pick up a copy of both his albums, available through his myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/iamoutasight
    Both albums are dope!!