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Once upon a time, Soulful-Hip Hop married Electronica, soon after they had a baby and named it J*DaVeY. The baby grew up fast and began making music and in doing so turned convention on it’s head. J*DaVeY’s mishmash of sounds has created a sub-genre of music that incorporates elements ranging far and wide. It’s both hard and soft, edgy yet subtle, it’s lyrical but beat driven. It’s a bit of everything and usually when people say “it’s a bit of everything” it gets messy, but it’s obvious J*DaVey has a very clear vision of what it wants to be and therefore avoids any unintentional messiness.  

With the release of their two new EP’s “The Beauty in Distortion” and “The Land of the Lost”, PinBoard [a long time fan] connected with the twosome to find out a lil’ more about the band everyone is talking about…




Brook D’Leau/26/Los Angeles, CA


Miss Jack Davey/26/ stLA, CA 


You were introduced through a mutual friend during high school, what were your first impressions of each another? Was there an instant chemistry?


J: Brook was just this cute guy with a cool vibe. We met at my senior prom & were instant friends. It wasn’t till a year later that we both discovered each others music. 


Jack, how did your name change come about and why Jack Davey? 


J: it’s not a name change as much as it is another character, the little monster inside of me that is compelled by the music to act out. Jack is for jack of all trades & Davey for adventure.


Your music is a blend of various genres, past and present, which artists would you say have had the most profound influence in your music?


B: Prince, The Police, Talking Heads


J: Prince, Jim Morrison, Miles Davis, E.Badu


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The J*DaVeY sound is very unique how did people initially react to it?


B: Usually people found it too dark or not “well structured”.


J : The reactions were interesting. A lot of people didn’t understand it, even though we didn’t think it was that far fetched. 


You’re about to release your EP, “The Beauty in Distortion” and “The Land of the Lost”: Where did the titles come from and what can we expect from it?


B: “The Beauty In Distortion” comes from the story of how the album was made.  Lost hard drives, borrowed studio time and many road blocks couldn’t prevent these songs from seeing the light of day so others could appreciate the “beauty” of our work amidst the chaotic and “distorted” path it took to finally arrive.


J: the “land of the lost” is a sort of teenage wasteland, a mix of Prince’s Sign o the Times stage set & an F Scott Fitzgerald novel; the state of the music industry & where we live are themes that exist within our land of the lost. We’re attempting to break down barriers & provide a new perspective to the same old game. 


J*DaVeY: “Mr. Mister”




What elements do you each bring to your music


B: The music 


J : Truth


Who are listening to today?


B: Muhsinah, The Bird & The Bee 


J: Muhsinah, Black Morris 


Who was the first artist you ever saw live?


B: I vaguely remember seeing Sting on the Dream of the Blue Turtles tour (his first solo record).


J: I vaguely remember seeing the Jackson’s “Victory” tour when i was really young, but when I was six i saw Salt n Pepa, Kid n Play, Eric B & Rakim & 2 Live Crew at an arena show. Awesome! 


Dead or alive, who would make your collaboration wish list?


B: J-Dilla, Brian Eno, & Fatli


J: Prince, Dilla, Timbaland 


Your sense of style is both distinctive and fly, where does that come from and do you have any particular style icons?


B: My mother and Uncle. 


J: My aunt Angie, Miles Davis, Mary Kate Olsen 


You are both extremely talented, do you have any plans to branch out into other creative fields in the future?


B: Sure.


J: Yeah. Film & video most likely. 


What advice would you give to other aspiring artists trying to make their mark?


B: Comparison is the devil. Never compare your talents/accomplishments to someone else’s.


J: Stick to your guns man! 


What can we expect from you in the near future and are there any plans to come over and hit London at any point?


B: We’re finishing our upcoming Warner release and if someone wants to bring us to London-town, HELL YEAH!


J: The Warner release will be a more mature effort, a little more concise & to the point. As for London, we’re dying to get back there!! 


Do you have anything you’d like to say to your UK fans over at PinBoardBlog.com?


B: Badger your local promoters and tell them you want J*DaVeY!!!


J: Ditto. 


Go show J*DaVey your love and grab their superb new EP’s via their Myspace page! Keep you eyes and ears lock on these two because I promise you, you’ll be hearing A LOT more from them in the not-so-distant future…


Peace, Love & J*DaVey


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